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    Complete Tattoo Waste Management Services

    It is not unknown that tattoo parlours produce contaminated waste, along with the non clinical waste. This warrants an effective waste management system for the proper collection and disposal of tattoo waste. At TCW, we have a team of experts at our disposal that can handle it for you. We have waste management solutions for you whether you run a small parlour or a large studio. We have years of experience in waste management with compliance.

    Tattoo waste generally includes needles, sharps, ink caps, leftover ink, ointment containers, paper towels, plastic protective coverings, gloves, used cotton swabs and wipes, as well as antibacterial products. Our experienced team and resources are at your disposal to help you manage your waste in a responsible and efficient manner. Choose TCW as your trusted waste removal partner for your tattoo parlour needs.

    Being a part of a major commercial business we understand that the frequency of collecting waste is likely to be higher. To determine this, we are more than happy to offer a free site visit after which we can help you with customised needs. We offer service frequencies that correspond to the amount of waste generated by your tattoo parlour, which can help reduce your carbon footprint, cut costs, and minimise service disruptions.

    A commercial business like Tattoo tends to have many footfalls thus, exposing many to the harmful chemicals that may or may not be involved in the business itself.  Help from an expert like TCW ensures perfect treatment with items such as appropriate puncture-resistant sharps containers for single-use tattoo needles. We then determine waste collection frequencies for sharps to minimise disruptions. It helps you reduce risk and simplify the entire process.

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    Our Process

    We are dedicated to providing the safest and most cost-efficient solutions across your health care practice waste life cycle. And this is how it is done.

    Waste Assessing

    Free site survey and categorising waste by item, contamination and bin type.

    • Initial consultation
    • Custom Plan

    Waste Collection

    Waste collection for every waste stream and all volume requirements with inbuilt safety and security features.

    • Regular Collection
    • Emergency collection

    Waste Processing

    Full visibility into waste segregation, treatment, and disposal.

    • 24×7 Customer Support
    • Cost-Saving Measures

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    Our promise of quality extends to all our products, services, and every interaction with our customers.

    Our practice is legally compliant and follows the latest policies and procedures.

    We segregate, store, transfer and dispose of medical waste catering to customers’ specific needs.

    Our highly trained experts provide a reliable, compliant, efficient, and sustainable healthcare waste disposal solution.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Whilst many sharps involved in the tattoo business are autoclaved, potentially infected needles are certainly incinerated at high temperatures. Any leftover waste after incineration is dumped through the landfill.

    As per the UK law and its regulations tattoo waste is classed as Offensive waste and thus its waste is treated accordingly. Appropriate safety measures are taken when it comes to disposing of tattoo waste.

    The inclusion of sharps, needles, ink and chemicals in the waste makes it very important for tattoo artists to dispose of it responsibly, preferably with the help of an expert. Tattoo sharps disposal is very important here as it poses a major threat to contamination.

    Tattoo waste can include both toxic and non-toxic waste. Non-toxic waste can be disposed of through recycling, with the consultation of an expert. However, the toxic waste needs to be disposed of through incineration so that it poses no threat or danger to the general public and the environment.

    Tattoo parlours tend to use chemicals, ink, sharps and needles, which become a major part of their waste as well. Not disposing of the tattoo waste can prove to be both toxic and lethal as they can cause skin infection, rashes and blood contamination as well. 


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