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    Trying to Ensure Complete Compliance with Waste Disposal Legislature?

    Running a beauty clinic is an adventure. Besides tending to your client’s requirements, you must also ensure your clinic meets the local legislative guidelines. These guidelines also include waste management and disposal.

    Types of Waste Generated at Beauty and Wellbeing Clinics

    General Salon Waste

    This usually consists of food waste, hair, nails, specific containers, and fabrics that cannot be recycled. This waste can be disposed of using an ordinary black-coloured waste bag.

    Clinical Waste

    The Clinical waste consists of equipment that may have directly interacted with a person and may potentially have skin cells or body fluids on it. This is usually separated into the following groups:

    1. Infectious Waste

    This includes equipment that may have been used on/by someone who has an infection.

    Infectious waste must always be disposed of in an orange-coloured bag.

    2. Offensive Waste

    Offensive Waste can include waste products that have had no interaction with an infected person.

    UK legislature, states this waste must be placed in a black bag with yellow stripes. 

    Please note that your clinical waste should never include any sharp objects.

    Sharps Waste

    All the sharp objects that you use in the clinic need to be classified and then disposed of as per the following classification:

    1. Orange Lid Bin

    Contains sharp objects with no chemical contamination, such as blades, tattoo needles, etc.

    2. Yellow Lid Bin

    This is for sharp objects contaminated with medicines or chemicals such as syringes, pigmentation pens, etc.

    3. Purple Lid Bin

    This contains all sharp objects contaminated with chemicals that can be classified as cytotoxic/cytostatic such as syringes from Botox treatments or hormonal therapy.


    All your wastes that can be recycled belong in a separate bin. This can include paper and cardboard products, cosmetic containers, bottles, and more. Your contractor will provide you with specialised recycling bags for disposing this waste regularly.

    Following the above guidelines to the letter while running a clinic can get rather hectic and expensive. We simplify the waste disposal process for beauty, health, and well-being clinics across the UK. With the TCW advantage, you will never have to worry about complying with your local legislation. Here are some of the benefits you get with our services:

    Complete Compliance

    Our teams continually review the latest legislation for any changes in waste disposal and categories. In addition, we ensure compliance with local laws and keep the stress away from you.

    Flexible Contracts

    Unlike individual contractors, you can constantly adjust the contract when dealing with TCW. Moreover, once you begin a contract with one of our teams, we ensure you get the same price even upon changing the team.

    Reduced Risk

    Our contractors are highly trained in the industrial waste disposal and risk management. They will ensure you get all the necessary equipment, including the segregated bins and bags.


    Our teams have top-of-the-line waste disposal vehicles and facilities that will reliably collect your waste per the schedule. We deliver our promise of keeping your business compliant, safe, and hygienic.

    Expanding on our commitment to simplification, we recognise that each clinic’s waste management needs are unique. Therefore, we offer tailored solutions that fit the specific demands of your beauty, health, and well-being clinic.

    • Personalised Plans: Tailored waste management plans fit the specific needs of your clinic, ensuring efficiency and compliance.
    • Advanced Segregation Tools: We provide tools and guidelines for sorting waste, including Non-Clinical Waste, Sanitary Waste, and Sharps Waste.
    • Holistic Services: Our services encompass Washroom Services and Sanitary Bin Service, covering all aspects of waste and hygiene management.


    By focusing on personalised solutions, we not only streamline waste management for your clinic but also ensure a system that works seamlessly with your daily operations.

    In our journey to make waste management effortless for your clinic, we don’t just stop at providing initial solutions. We believe in continual support and promoting sustainability. 

    • Continual Consultation: Our experts offer ongoing support, adapting to changes in your clinic’s operations.
    • Sustainability Focus: We emphasise eco-friendly disposal methods and encourage recycling, aligning with environmental responsibility.
    • Regular Training: We provide training on waste management best practices, ensuring your clinic stays compliant and efficient.


    GET FREE customised quotes and detailed site assessments today, tailored to fulfil your specific needs. By ensuring continual support and a focus on sustainability, we not only simplify waste management for your clinic but also contribute to a safer, cleaner, and greener environment.

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