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We Help Healthcare & Commercial Organisations With High-Quality Clinical Waste Services and Products in More Than 95% of UK Postcodes. 

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We serve hospitals, dental practices, nursing homes, and other commercial businesses. TCW goes above and beyond for each partner, identifying their requirements and developing a waste disposal solution. If your workplace is not included in the below section, don’t worry! Contact us so we can discuss your company and tailor waste collection services to your specific needs.

Handling pharmaceutical waste has never been an easy task. We constantly ensure that our contractors read updated regulations regarding the treatment and disposal of hazardous pharmaceuticals for complete compliance.
Eye clinics run several tests and procedures that generate multiple categories of waste. We serve as your one-stop solution for all your waste management problems.
Maintaining a hygienic environment for the residents in your Care and Nursing Home isn’t always easy. We’re here to help shoulder your responsibility by disposing of all your waste in a compliant manner.
The medical industry is known for strict waste management guidelines. Whether you need to dispose of sharps, cytotoxic, or offensive waste, our team has your back.
Managing an Aesthetics & Beauty Clinic requires caring for waste management guidelines by your local authority. Our teams are well-versed in the local legislature and will help you comply with them smoothly.
Beauty, Health, & Wellbeing Clinics produce hazardous and non-hazardous waste. We help you segregate and dispose of it in a compliant manner.
You can count on us to provide specialised medical and surgical waste solutions for your tattoo parlour, together with help from local experts.
TCW’s secure containment solutions are part of a protected waste journey that minimises tampering, theft, and diversion of discarded pharmaceuticals.
Our services include all phases of removal and disposal of waste streams for the commercial sector in the UK.
Are you looking for a single vendor that can manage all of the waste streams generated by your nursing and care facility? You are in the right place.
The UK has the safest, cleanest, and most eco-friendly veterinary waste disposal choices in the UK.
Care for your patients, communities, and the environment calls for more than simply a waste management company’s services.
We are aware that to complement your job, you need waste management solutions that are both environmentally friendly and biologically sensitive.
We are an industry leader in the disposal of medical waste for solo dentists, dental entities, and oral surgeons throughout the UK.
Regardless of the kind of waste you generate, TCW is prepared to assist you with all of your medical waste disposal needs.