Ever wondered about the use of sanitary waste bins in bathrooms or guest rooms in hotels? If you are not a female it may be hard to understand the use of sanitary waste bins.

However, sanitary waste bins are used for the proper disposal of sanitary wastes like sanitary pads, tampons, nappies/diapers, pantiliners, condoms, waxing strips, hair, nails, and other wastes soiled with body fluids.

The sanitary waste bins can be strategically placed in washrooms found in hotels, medical facilities, schools, offices, and other places. All business owners are required to adhere to all sanitary waste disposal regulations to ensure the environment remains safe.

In this article, we will cover all about sanitary waste bins, regulations, emptying of the sanitary bins, and nappies disposal.

What Keeps the Sanitary Bins Fresh?

The sanitary bins are often enclosed to prevent users from viewing the waste in the bin. Most modern sanitary bins come with a foot pedal or automatic sensor. Therefore, what would prevent you from getting one for your facility or home use?

There are some accessories that you can use to keep sanitary bins fresh:

1. Antibacterial liner

Most of the recommended sanitary bins contain an antibacterial liner that helps protect people against any form of germ build-up or odour.

Instead of just letting users throw sanitary waste in the bins, it is recommended to have sanitary bin liners that ensure easy disposal of the waste. This also reduces the dirt that gets attached to the sanitary disposal bins.

2. Sanitary bags

The sanitary bags give users a secure place to dispose of the sanitary waste before putting it in the sanitary waste bins.

The bags make the emptying process easier, more hygienic, and less messy. Luckily, the sanitary bag dispensers can be wall mounted to make it easier for users to locate them.

3.  Odour neutralizer

To prevent any foul smell build-up, you can consider getting odour-neutralizers. They can be placed at the bottom of the sanitary bins to prevent any odour from forming. They are found in loose granules or sachets that are highly effective.

The user will have one of the most pleasant experiences while using the washroom. Furthermore, the odour neutralizers are eco-friendly, therefore, that shouldn’t bother you.

4. Sanitary bin disinfectant spray and sanitary bin powder

The sanitary bin disinfectant sprays make the cleaning process easier. Therefore, the cleaners won’t have to worry about getting any infections when cleaning the sanitary disposal bins.

Additionally, sanitary bin powder can be used to clean the sanitary bins effortlessly.

Regulations Governing Sanitary Waste Bin Disposal

  • The Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations Act 1992: employers should ensure toilet areas are kept clean without waste accumulation. All cubicles should have a sanitary unit.
  • The Water Industries Act 1991: states that no items should be flushed down the toilet to prevent causing any harm to a sewer or leading to plumbing issues. Flushing down sanitary wastes in toilets is not recommended as the absorbent gel will swell up and block the toilet. That’s why even hotels need to provide a waste bin in guest rooms for the safe disposal of sanitary products.
  • The Environmental Protection Act of 1990: imposes a “Duty of Care” that is a legal requirement for a business to manage sanitary waste till disposal and waste management by a licensed carrier.

All three regulations are geared toward ensuring that businesses provide sanitary bins for the users.

Emptying of Sanitary Bins

Emptying of sanitary bins depends on whether you work with a licensed carrier or have in-house hygiene staff. However, they should be provided with the right equipment to prevent pre-exposing them to some risks.

If they are not correctly discarded, they can lead to disease spread and contamination. The bins should be emptied regularly, daily, weekly or biweekly according to the licensed carrier’s terms.


All facilities need sanitary waste bins for the sake of proper disposal of waste. The sanitary waste bins come in a variety of sizes to suit any facility.

At TCW we offer the best sanitary waste bins that are durable, high quality, and resistant to most environmental factors. Keep your facility safe and clean always!

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