Clinical waste is a mess if not handled tactfully. However, handling and storing clinical waste is not the hardest part. Disposing of it is. That’s why most UK clinics and hospitals leave this responsibility to licensed waste collection contractors.

If you think hiring any waste management company is all it takes to dispose of waste properly, then you are mistaken. The consequences of relying on a less knowledgeable, inexperienced waste management agency are high. And as the owner of a healthcare institution, you will be answerable for the mistakes that the agency commits with your generated waste.

Why is it essential to hire a legal contractor to dispose of your clinical waste? What are the qualities you should look for in a waste management company? In this blog, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the importance of collaborating with a licensed contractor for healthcare waste collection.

Compelling Reasons to Hire a Licensed Company for Clinical Waste Disposal

Let’s look at the major reasons why seeking the help of a professional waste disposal company makes sense.

1. Clinical Waste is dangerous for humans

According to WHO, 15 percent of medical waste is harmful, risking the life of hospital staff and patients. Healthcare professionals, as well as workers of the waste disposal agency who collect and transport waste, can contract severe diseases like HIV, malaria, Hepatitis, and syphilis. Untreated waste dumped at landfills releases dangerous substances into the land, air, and water, thus risking the lives of people residing in those areas. This explains why your medical facility needs an efficient waste disposal company to ensure the safety of the community at large.

2. Wildlife and environment protection

Healthcare waste, if left untreated, significantly damages the environment by causing soil, air and water pollution. When the clinical waste reaches the oceans, aquatic animals and plants absorb them. It not only exposes the sea life and wildlife to toxic effects, but many of these toxins grow potent as they move up the food chain. Some outcomes are increased risk of cancer, birth defects, and chronic ailments in both humans and wildlife.

3. Compliance with laws and guidelines

As per the UK government, medical waste demands careful containment and ethical disposal. There are several norms prescribed by the government on the proper storage and treatment of clinical waste. Failure to manage waste properly could lead to the payment of penalties and hefty fines to the Health Department. Only a licensed waste disposal company like Trikon has the skills and prowess to abide by government rules while handling medical waste.

Tips to Choose to Best Medical Waste Disposal Company for Your Practice

Below are some critical points to consider before trusting any random waste disposal company:

  • Liability and Ethics: Each time the company collects the waste bins from your hospital, are you sure you’re free of liabilities? Credible companies offer transparency, take full responsibility and provide proper documentation.
  • Reliability and Experience: Only experienced and trained staff possess the expertise to handle various types of clinical waste. Hiring an experienced, professional team also saves you money in the long run.
  • All-inclusive Price: You should also have a clear idea of the prices you have to pay. Go through the contract attentively to avoid paying hidden fees. Trikon, for instance, never upsurges throughout the duration of the contract.
  • Professionalism: Once you are convinced that the company is completely reliable, you must observe if collectors are knowledgeable, dressed properly and are unobtrusive when picking up waste.

Medical Waste: The Legal Aspect

When you produce clinical waste, you are accountable for that waste right from the time it is generated until its ethical disposal. As the generator of waste, the onus is on you. So, even when you hire a waste management agency, you will still be liable if some unfortunate situation arises from careless handling of waste.

Before deciding to work with any clinical waste disposal company, always verify if they have:

  • The permits for handling, transporting and disposing of healthcare waste in your neighborhood
  • Adequate insurance to manage and dispose of clinical waste

Trikon Caters to all your Clinical Waste Disposal Needs

Trikon Clinical Waste Solutions is committed to making the world a safer, greener place for all forms of life. We offer a variety of waste disposal services to 27,000+ companies. Here’s why we are the most trusted brand in the UK.

  • Trikon offers low-cost and effective waste management services, and there are no hidden costs.
  • TCWS’s efficient team doesn’t disturb the patients and hospital staff while collecting waste bins from your hospital.
  • TCWS’s customised services are designed specifically by capable technicians to meet your unique waste management requirements.
  • Flexibility in services, easy scheduling and quick pickup of waste bins are some perks of partnering with Trikon.

Amazing Advantages of Collaborating with TCWS

Licensed Company

We are an authorised company possessing the govt. certifications and permits, necessary to handle medical waste. From dedicated vehicles to vehicle insurance to trained collectors – we have it all sorted.

Expert Consultation

Our adept technicians provide an efficient, reliable, compliant, and sustainable medical waste disposal plan.

Free One-month Trial

Trikon’s waste disposal services include a free trial period of one month on the collection of waste from your hospital.

Safe Handling

We guarantee quality in our extensive range of services and products to ensure the safe handling of healthcare waste in your hospital by our team.

24-hour Customer Support

Trikon offers 24-hour customer support to all its valuable clients, addressing and resolving their issues in no time.

Summing Up

Overall, a medical waste disposal company will save you time, money and stress. Now that you’ve learnt the importance of partnering with a licensed contractor for clinical waste disposal, Trikon offers an impressive range of medical waste disposal solutions. While you are busy looking after your patients, we will make waste disposal seamless for you. Get in touch with us for a free assessment of your existing medical and clinical waste processes. We will make sure your hospital meets environmental, legislative and social requirements.

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