Sharps containers are really sensitive and need to be disposed of in the right way. Once sharps containers are filled up, a licensed company should come to collect them and replace them with already disinfected sharps containers so that the facility can remain with the sharps boxes.

However, it all depends on the amount of sharps waste the facility deals with. As an individual, you aren’t supposed to take matters into your own hands and handle the waste alone, instead, you need to follow the recommended guidelines or consult the right agency for appropriate disposal of the sharps containers.

In this article, we will cover the appropriate places to dispose of sharps containers, how to choose where to dispose of sharps material, where to obtain the sharps containers, and how to obtain the sharps waste containers.

Recommended Areas to Dispose of Sharps Containers

The sharps’ container disposal guidelines differ from place to place. Therefore, it is important to consult further if handling any kind of sharps waste in your facility or at home.

1. Supervised Collection Sites

The first place where you can dispose of filled sharps containers is at your hospital, pharmacy, health department, medical waste facilities, or any other waste disposal areas.

However, you need to consult the personnel there since the service may be charged. This is a great alternative if you have a prescription that requires you to take injected medicine. For example diabetes or any chronic disease.

However, always take the sharps containers to the facilities when well sealed to prevent any further contamination.

2. Household Hazardous Waste Collection Areas

Is there any waste hazardous waste collection site around your area? Then, that’s an ideal place for you to dispose of the sharps containers. However, you need to go there beforehand to know the kind of waste that they take and requirements.

3. Mail Back Programs

Another way is to mail the sharps disposal containers to a collection site for proper disposal at a fee. The fee tends to vary based on the size of the container. You also need to check with the container’s manufacturer to know how to label the sharps containers to enhance safety.

4, Specialised Waste Pickup Services

Your residential area may also have pickup services in which trained waste handlers collect the sharp disposal containers. The services may be fee-based, and you need to consult to get all the relevant information. You can even agree on when you require your waste to be picked up.

5. Consult a Licensed Company

The other method is to consult a licensed company that deals with the disposal of sharps containers. One of the most recommended companies is Trikon Clinical Waste. They will guide you on each step so that the sharps container disposal process can be easier.

How to Choose Where to Dispose of Your Sharps Containers?

The choice of where to dispose of the sharps containers is a determinant of the kind of waste that you produce per day. This will help you make the right decision.

  • The size of your sharps container.
  • The content in your sharps container.
  • The most convenient method for you.
  • How far or near the collection points are.
  • Your healthcare provider’s
  • Your budget.
  • Any risky health hazards.
  • Your household occupants since if there are kids, you need to dispose of the sharps containers often.
  • The size of the facility.

Where are the Sharps Containers Taken?

Sharps containers should be disposed of when ¾ full. Some even shut when the threshold is reached. Therefore, make an agreement with the waste disposal company to collect the waste timely to reduce the unhygienic nature of your facility.

Once collected, the sharps containers are taken to the treatment facilities where they undergo treatment just as the sharps. The reusable sharps containers are decontaminated through chemical cleaning agents, water pressure, and varying temperatures.

Sharps containers should only be collected by licensed companies and as a facility, you shouldn’t take matters into your own hands to prevent any contamination. Also, it is not advisable to incinerate the wastes in your facility, unless with the right authorization. The fumes and emissions produced from sharps can really be harmful to living beings.

Where can I Obtain the Sharps Container?

You can obtain the sharps containers from different areas.

  1. Buy through a medical waste disposal company.
  2. Order online from a medical waste company.
  3. Buy one from a local pharmacy or healthcare equipment facility.


Sharps containers need to be disposed of in the right areas to prevent any further contamination. However, all sharps container disposal facilities are unique, and you must check the requirements for easy disposal.

Sharps containers can be maintained by different licensed companies like TCW. The maintenance helps reduce the spread of any infections or diseases.

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