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Sanitary towel bins are used for the disposal of sanitary towels or sanitary pads. Most female or unisex washrooms tend to have sanitary towel bins for proper disposal of menstrual hygiene products. They come in a wide variety of colours, sizes, use, and shape.

All facilities need to provide sanitary towel bins whether they are for nappies, female hygiene, medical waste, or anything else.

Also, people need to be made aware of the use of sanitary towel bins. Awareness creation can help reduce improper disposal of sanitary wastes that can pose a threat to the environment.

In this article, we will cover how to choose sanitary towel bins and whether they are dangerous.

How to Choose Sanitary Towel Bins

1. Colour Décor

Your choice of sanitary towel bin can be based on your colour décor. What is the colour of your bathroom(s)? You can choose sanitary towel bins based on the décor to ensure it doesn’t seem too odd when used in specific rooms.

However, most sanitary bins come in blue, white, or cream. Luckily, there is no kind of restriction based on your likes.

2. Size Of The Room

Sanitary towel bins come in different sizes. Therefore, you can choose the bins based on the size of the room. You definitely wouldn’t want to choose a sanitary pad bin that will fill up the whole space or would you?

The sanitary bins need to be sizeable to also prevent any unpleasant odours. Users will even feel uneasy using the specific washrooms.

3. Capacity

The number of people using the sanitary towel bins should guide you on the kind to purchase. If it is an office, then gauge the number of people who are using the sanitary towel bin.

Also, if there are more washrooms in the facility, that means you will need more sanitary towel bins to cater to the needs of the users.

4. Disposal Frequency

How often will the sanitary towel bins be disposed of? Daily, weekly or monthly? Well, the decision lies with you.

If the disposal is done often, then an average sanitary towel bin will work. However, try to have sanitary disposal done often to prevent any bacteria or germs build up.

5. Institution

The institution also determines the kind of sanitary towel bins to purchase. For example, the number of sanitary towel bins you require in a school is different from for an office. A school may have more users than an office. That’s why it is recommended to have the appropriate type.

Also, the sanitary pad bins in a school should be easier to use than those in other facilities to make it easier for the students to use and not flush down the toilets.

6. Technology Usage

Is it automatic or foot pedal handled? The choice of technology use is essential based on the users. This is to ensure that the users don’t find difficulty while using the sanitary towel bins.

Therefore, choose one that your facility users can comfortably use. Pedal or sensor bins prevent the user to have to touch the bins.

7. Material used

The sanitary towel bins are made using different materials. The most recommended are those made from Poly propene or stainless steel. These materials help to resist bacteria. They are also easy to clean to prevent any bacterial or germ build-up.

Are Sanitary Towel Bins Dangerous?

Sanitary bins’ content is dangerous that’s why they should be taken care of well. The sanitary bins are safe for use, however, the germs that get on them are the ones that are dangerous.

Do you know what happens when a toilet is flushed? Well, during toilet flushing, mist evaporates into the air and lands in the sanitary towel bins next to the toilet.

In case the toilet user was sick, some germs or bacteria like Salmonella that cause deadly diseases get on the bin. That’s why we also need to wash our hands with soap after using the toilet.

All facilities should seek sanitary disposal services from licensed companies to prevent your facility cleaner from getting sick due to handling the bins. Proper care should be taken during handling.


The proper way to maintain sanitary towel bins is to consult a licensed company like TCW. Not only will we maintain your sanitary towel bins, but also provide proper guidelines on how to ensure less contamination in the facility.

Contact us today to get ideal sanitary towel bins that will last for long regardless of the users. The service is budget friendly for all facilities.

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