It is important to dispose of sharp hazardous waste gotten in dental centers, veterinarian clinics, labs, hospitals, and other medical facilities securely. Proper disposal is essential for the management of hazardous materials.

The “sharp” materials include needles or other sharp materials that could pose a threat when mishandled. In this article, we will cover the different types of sharp bins and their colour codes.

Different Kinds of Sharp Bins

There are unique kinds of sharp bins with varying sizes – (measured in litres) and shapes. For example, medical centers need to have larger sharp bins than other centers. Thereby, medical staff need to choose a sharp bin based on the colour and use.

The Most Common Color Code Sharp Bins are

1. Orange-Lidded Sharp Bins

These types of sharp bins are effective for disposing of non-pharmaceutical sharp waste. For example, those tools used for tattoos, piercing guns, needles, knives, etc.

2. Yellow-Lidded Sharp Bins

These bins are often used to dispose of sharp materials such as syringes that are medically contaminated. The yellow-lidded sharp bins accommodate blood and medicine-contaminated items.

3. Blue-Lidded Sharp Bins

The blue-lidded sharp bins are used to dispose of expired pharmaceuticals, unused, unwanted, contaminated, or not-in-use medicines, gloves, masks, connecting tubes, and PPE. They are not used to dispose of sharp materials specifically.

4. Red-Lidded Sharp Bins

The red-lidded sharp bins are specifically used for anatomical wastes such as blood bags, body parts, amputated parts, animal carcasses, and much more. Red-lidded sharp bins are used to dispose of blood-contaminated materials.

5. Purple-Lidded Sharp Bins

These purple-lidded sharp bins are used to dispose of cytostatic and cytotoxic waste such as disposable garments. Hormone and chemotherapy medicines can also be disposed of in purple lid sharp bins.

6. Black And Yellow Stripped Container

These are used to store offensive/non-infectious waste. This includes pharmaceuticals or waste that can cause sensory irritation.


Proper waste disposal in sharp bins is crucial regardless of whether it is a dental clinic, hospital, or veterinary clinic. Sharp materials like needles when left lying around can pose a threat to the ecosystem and need to be disposed of well.

Also, medical staff shouldn’t be ignorant when it comes to disposal since infection spread in a medical facility can happen really fast. Moreover, when purchasing the sharp bins, it is crucial to check whether they are labeled well with the symbols to take the relevant precautions during treatment.

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