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    Why is Sanitary Waste Management Important?

    Sanitary waste is offensive human hygiene waste that includes female sanitary waste, human/animal faeces, nasal secretions, vomit, urine, IV Catheter, and disposal of medical equipment. Every hospital or healthcare centre produces sanitary waste. Although not considered hazardous waste, proper sanitary waste disposal is essential as it can become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, potentially posing a serious health threat.

    It is mandated by law that every organisation that has female staff or has women visit their premises should have a reliable method of sanitary waste disposal. We provide professional and discreet sanitary bin service to help you maintain a hygienic and clean organisation. As licensed carriers of sanitary waste, we are responsible for disposing of the waste in a hygienic and legally compliant manner.

    • We provide a completely personalised bin service depending on the amount of waste your healthcare centre produces.
    • All our sanitary bins are made of odour-resistant, durable materials.
    • We offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly single and multi-site sanitary waste disposal schedules.
    • We undertake a complete site survey before providing customised sanitary bin collection.

    We offer on-site servicing where you have complete ownership of the bins, always-clean bins, and discreet and compliant disposal.

    We get the work done discreetly – with little interruption to your daily schedule.

    To ensure hygienic methods of sanitary waste disposal, we offer a wide range of antimicrobial coated sanitary units that provide functionality and style in various colours. In addition, we offer automatic sanitary bins, automated sanitary bag dispensers, nappy disposal bins, and more to cater to your every need.

    We prioritise your health and hygiene

    We provide a germ-free, foul odour-free and hygienic environment with our ISO standard, antimicrobial-treated bags and bins that prevent harmful infection.

    We care for the environment

    Our bin service emphasises hygiene and environmental protection. As a result, we reduce waste sent to landfills, minimise fuel consumption, and reduce water usage.

    Discreet and professional service

    Our experience in catering to small and multiple units allows us to provide discreet and professional service that doesn’t disturb your work schedule and keeps your unit looking fresh at all times.

    We provide valuable service

    Our practical and value disposal service are versatile and cost-effective, which limits staff and visitor inconvenience.

    We are conscious of your Brand Image

    We understand you care about your brand image, and so do we. We provide excellent, personalised and effective service that showcases your brand image in the best light.

    What happens next?

    We are dedicated to providing the safest and most cost-efficient solutions across your health care practice waste life cycle. And this is how it is done.


    Reach out to us, and our team will respond to you as quickly as possible.  

    • Reputable, regional consultants
    • Requests are responded to within 24 hours.
    • Initial Consultation 
    • Queries Answered 


    Our field-based team will conduct a complete analysis of your waste management system.

    • Free Site Survey 
    • Waste audit 
    • On-site assessment of containers and placement 
    • Waste regulation guidance


    Delivery and installation of containers and equipment, collaborating closely with management and maintenance personnel.

    • 1-Month free collection 
    • Expert instructions on managing new containers, bins, and bags. 
    • Meeting compliance requirements  
    • Minimal interference with your patient care


    An experienced local technician will service your waste following your custom service agreement.

    • Timely waste collection service 
    • 24×7 Customer Support Access
    • Performance assessments 

    Benefits of Working With Us

    What Do You Gain By Partnering With Us?

    Our promise of quality extends to all our products, services, and every interaction with our customers. 

    Our practice is legally compliant and follows the latest policies and procedures. 

    We segregate, store, transfer and dispose of medical waste catering to customers’ specific needs. 

    Our highly trained experts provide a reliable, compliant, efficient, and sustainable healthcare waste disposal solution. 

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