Complete Clinical Waste Disposal Service

We provide a sustainable solution for the management of clinical waste, including collection & disposal to lower your expenses.

Waste collection solution

A Complete Waste Solution

Collection & Disposal

Our local experts will see to it that your waste is disposed of in an efficient, compliant, and safe manner, allowing you to focus on the day-to-day operations of your facility. We will tailor clinical waste services according to your organisation’s requirements, regardless of where you are located, the sector in which you operate, or the size of your business. Find out our competitive services with no hidden cost listed below.

TCW provides specialised waste management services for all facilities, including those that handle the infectious and non-infectious clinical waste.
Washroom cleaning is a part of our housekeeping services. As a certified carry, we properly transport and dispose of sanitary waste in the UK.
Our sanitary waste disposal services are fast; and compliant, allowing you to keep your facility clean and hygienic around the clock.
Our sanitary bin service caters to healthcare facilities of all sizes, needs and obligations – at all times.
Sanitary waste disposal expert committed to hygiene, quality, safety and professional service.
Experience the premium and cost-effective waste disposal service your facility deserves.
Providing your paw friends with a safe and hygienic environment with reliable waste disposal service.
Keeping patients and healthcare workers safe with reliable biological waste disposal services.
Prioritising safety, hygiene and sustainability with reliable and compliant waste disposal solutions.
Innovative and sustainable hazardous waste management solutions for modern healthcare needs.
We manage your cytotoxic waste disposal so that you can focus on patient care.
We help maintain your brand image by providing the highest quality waste disposal service.
Join hands to keep society safe by disposing of unwanted and unused controlled drugs.
Simplifying complex bio-medical waste disposal with innovative and sustainable solutions.
As part of the service we provide to the dental sector, we ensure the safe collection and disposal of amalgam waste.
TCW provides specialised waste management services for all facilities, including those that handle the infectious and non-infectious clinical waste.
Our years of experience have equipped us with the knowledge necessary to deliver dependable care and nursing home waste disposal service.
Providing cost-effective and safe waste management services to public and private hospitals with the applicable legal requirements in the UK.
Environmentally sound and responsible waste removal services and cleanup options for medical clinics and outpatient care facilities.
Waste management solutions for safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient pharmacies.
Daily, weekly, and monthly sharps bin collection programme with minimum disruption.
You can relax while we take care of the disposal of your sharps so that you won’t ever have to stress about it again!
Daily, weekly and monthly sharp waste disposal services from your facility as part of our comprehensive waste management solution.
Safe and reliable solutions for all-size facilities to collect and dispose of Sharps Waste.
We are the UK’s most trusted and competitive infectious waste specialists.
UN-approved yellow sharps bin of various sizes to ensure that all syringes and needles in your facility are safely and securely disposed of.
Your facility’s waste removal will be simple and stress-free when you use the yellow waste bag.
We possess a wealth of knowledge and experience to dispose of your offensive waste.
Collection of all medical waste categories, including general, infectious, hazardous, and radioactive waste whilst abiding by all applicable regulations in your area.
From lidded waste bins to sharps spillage kits, UN-approved sharps waste solutions are available in various sizes and with colour-coded safety features.
Install, replace, and maintain all of our medical waste containers promptly with the least disruption to your facility.
Secure and cost-effective disposal of dental waste, x-ray waste, medications, infectious waste, hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste etc.
More dental practices in the UK are turning to TCW for sharps clinical waste disposal because of our emphasis on the service and competitive prices.