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Do you know what happens when you dispose of sharps in their bins? Do you know how they end up lying while in the container? Most sharps should only be used once and disposed of.

However, their placement in the containers determines how fast the bins will fill up. The pyramid effect occurs when the sharps wastes don’t pile up as required and leave a lot of space.

In this article, we will learn more about the pyramid effect in sharps containers and their effects.

What is the Pyramid Effect in Sharps Containers?

The pyramid effect occurs when the sharps bin has an inefficient opening that is not designed for sharps. The required containers make the sharps land flat in the container. However, with the wrong type of container, the sharps will end up piling diagonally on top of each other. This creates a pyramid shape.

When the sharp is formed it makes the container fill up so fast and leaves out a lot of unused volumes. Therefore, this will require regular disposal of the sharps containers and an added cost.

Therefore, as a facility, it is crucial to consult the right licensed company that will provide the right sharps waste containers to prevent the container from filling up too fast. To prevent the pyramid effect, strive to use the required colour-coded sharp bins.

Regardless of how carefully someone disposed of the sharps in the container, as long as it isn’t the appropriate one, it will end up falling in the wrong way.

How TCW Sharps Containers Prevent the Pyramid Effect?

The TCW reusable sharp containers are recommended for disposal of the sharps. Therefore, you are assured that at no one time will they disappoint. They are created in an innovative design to ensure that the sharps fall into the bin in the right way.

The sharp bin containers have a gravity-balanced tray that is horizontal. This makes it easily detect any light or heavy sharps disposed of in the bins. The sharps are then dropped into the container and reach the bottom while horizontal.

Once the sharps bin is filled up appropriately, it can be sealed with the permanent side lock and kept away for bin collection. No one in the facility should deal with the bins except us. We will take the bin and replace it with another type of sharp bin that you can continue using. You can consult us anytime the sharps bins get full.

The bins with circular openings at the top are not the best but can still work. This is because most of the waste will end up at the centre and this will lead to it looking filled up so fast. A pyramid effect can make you spend too much money looking for other sharps bins for the wastes in your facility to prevent mishandling of the sharps.


The pyramid effect can be hectic for any facility. That’s why you should only use the appropriate kind of sharps containers to ensure all the sharps don’t end up in the middle of the container.

Rather, it is better when they are correctly distributed in the container. Therefore, get the best sharps bin containers from us to ensure you don’t undergo any kind of losses based on the bins filling up too fast.

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