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    Once you have filled the yellow waste bags or yellow-lidded sharps bins to the specified weight limit, one of our licensed partners will collect them from your premises. After collection, it is carried to the site of disposal, where it is incinerated as per UK laws and regulations. Incineration is preferred over landfilling for infectious and hazardous waste so that there is no scope for any danger to be spread to the general public or environment.

    Yellow waste bags are useful in the safe storage of all kinds of waste that is produced after interacting with or treating an infectious patient. It includes items such as gloves contaminated with blood or other bodily fluid, bandages, couch rolls, IV lines, bodily fluid bags, empty but infected syringes, and infected PPE kits. All these items must be safely stored in the yellow waste bag. Moreover, only infectious waste should be included in yellow waste bag collection, as improper storage of waste can adversely impact people and the environment alike.

    TCW covers all businesses, irrespective of their size, revenue, location or premises. Whether you produce infectious waste, non-infectious waste or both – we can provide the best solution for the effective management of all your clinical waste, including yellow bin waste collection and disposal. In case you aren’t sure of the kind of services you need, feel free to connect with us for an obligation-free quote or site visit. One of our friendly experts will be more than happy to assist you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Toxic infectious waste, including swabs, wipes, blood-infected syringes or needles, medical dressings, etc., usually goes into the yellow waste bag.

    To get yellow clinical waste bag, you can connect with a general practitioner (GP), who in turn will give you a note. Once that note is shown at a pharmacy, they will place an order on your behalf and help you with a yellow waste bag.

    Yellow waste bin collection for sharps is to collect blood-contaminated sharps waste. It can prove to be potentially toxic to the general public and the environment if left unchecked.

    Infectious waste that is contaminated with chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or medical waste is ideally disposed of in a waste bag.

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