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    Tiger Stripe Bag is a clear plastic bag marked with black and yellow stripes. These bags are used for the disposal of clinical waste, such as used dressings, swabs, and other medical waste, in hospitals and healthcare facilities. The design helps to indicate that the bag doesn’t contain hazardous or infectious waste and also serves as a visual reminder to handle the contents with care.

    TCW specialises in providing the best solutions to healthcare facilities when it comes to the collection of tiger-striped bags. Depending on the site audit, we can help you with a daily, weekly, monthly, or fortnightly collection as well. Tiger-striped bags are used to collect non-infectious waste. Tiger-striped bags are used to collect non-infectious waste as per UK laws and regulations.

    It depends on the amount of waste generated by the healthcare facility and how big a tiger-striped bag you would require. TCW provide bags in sizes 30L, 60L, and 90L. In case there is any other size, we can get it checked and help you with its size as well.

    TCW understands the importance of the stripe bags hence; we make it a point to be made of the highest quality sturdy plastic, which is LDPE. These plastics are used for collection, except for sharps.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, tiger stripe bags are used for offensive waste. The material used for the plastic is recognised by the industry and can be easily identified with black and yellow vertical lines.

    Tiger striped bags are used only for waste streams that are not hazardous or infectious. Wastes, which essentially include gowns, dressings, nappies, non-contaminated PPE suits, etc., are collected in these bags.

    Since most of the waste collected is non-infectious, non-hazardous, and offensive, it is sent to facilities that can convert energy from waste through incineration. It is always a good idea to check with the local council for any guidelines, if any.

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