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    Any waste, comprising unused, damaged, contaminated or unrequired medical drugs, which can come out of medical facilities or pharmacies is called pharmaceutical waste. It is a part of medical waste. It is considered dangerous and can endanger the lives of the general public and damage the environment if it goes unchecked. Thus, the waste can be collected responsibly and disposed of as per law. The bins are sturdy, leak-proof, and cannot be punctured. You can go for 5 litres, 7.5 litres, or 22 litres in size.

    Pharmaceutical waste can be hazardous or toxic, thus, incineration is the best way to dispose of it. Any leftover waste, if found to be non-hazardous, is disposed of using the landfill technique. Depending on the waste, colour-coded bins are provided. For example, the blue colour bin is provided for non-infectious waste, while the orange and red colour bins are for hazardous and toxic waste. Purple bins are for cytotoxic waste.

    If the question is about managing pharmaceuticals then as per UK law only experts or specialised pharmaceutical waste disposal companies are allowed to manage it. Once you connect with an expert like TCW, we respond in less than 24 hours and in order to gauge the situation we will conduct a site visit. Once done, we can provide advice on the services you need along with the exact quote. With us, there are no headaches for legal compliances and customised services can be provided.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    All healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and care clinics, including pharmacies and chemists –  that generate medical waste need to have pharmaceutical waste bins, as per the regulations laid down by the relevant authorities.

    Pharmaceutical waste is often properly handled and incinerated in order to degrade complex compounds.  The by products of incineration are often disposed of in landfills given that the polluting elements have been eliminated, making it suitable to combine with other waste types.

    Pharmaceutical waste bins supplied by your waste management partner provide safe and secure storage for your pharmaceutical waste prior to collection, as they can stay on your premises for a few days or weeks.


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