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    TCW intends to provide solutions to all businesses, irrespective of the business size. Thus, we have made it a point to provide orange bags for clinical waste in all sizes between 20L and 90L. In terms of the kilogram, we provide bags starting with 4 kg to 25 kg. The bags themselves are classified into three – Light, Midweight and Heavyweight. Orange clinical waste bag are used to connect soft infectious waste. The waste may include aprons, blood bags, swabs, gowns etc.

    Disposal of orange bags includes heat treatment so that the waste is disintegrated thus losing the infectious nature and then it is incinerated so that any possibility of acquiring infections is removed. The orange waste bag should not be filled more than two-thirds or 67% of its capacity or 8 kg, whichever comes first. As soon as the bag is 67% full, it is advised to connect with the local council for further processes.

    The four steps towards disposal are collection, segregation, transportation and disposal. The collection is the most basic step to collect waste. However, once it is collected there is a chance that the waste streams might have gotten mixed up. Since every bag is treated differently, it is important to segregate orange waste bags. Once segregated, it is transported to the respective facility and then it is disposed of.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Clinical waste bags are in different colours because it is very important to separate the waste correctly. Once it is segregated the wastes can be disposed of accordingly as per the UK laws and regulations.

    The disposal of the yellow bags is simply done through incineration. However, orange waste bags are exposed to extreme heat before it is incinerated.

    Orange clinical waste bags can be emptied weekly, or biweekly, depending on the waste that is generated by the facility.

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