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    Offensive waste bags are used for all kinds of offensive waste. All healthcare units, including hospitals, clinics, and care homes, generate mixed waste. If all the waste is disposed of together, then it may prove to be expensive. Hence, segregating the waste and storing different types of waste in different containers is the way to go. So, choosing an offensive waste bag for storing waste is recommended, which is then treated as per UK laws and regulations. 

    Although not hazardous, as per UK laws, the offensive waste bag is ideally disposed of using the incineration method or deep landfill method. It is done to eradicate the slightest chance of infection being spread in the general population or environment. Typically the contents of offensive waste bags include gowns, protective clothing, masks, gloves, etc. As per UK laws, the tiger-striped colour is used for the offensive waste bag.

    The offensive waste bags are striped so that it is easily recognisable. The waste bag should be leakproof and highly resistant to wear and tear and the waste is managed responsibly till it is disposed of. Usually, the bags come in standard sizes but we, at TCW, can certainly get them customised as per the business. It is important to ensure that waste bags are closed tightly to ensure any leakage, especially during transportation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Offensive waste bag collection should not include any waste that is infectious, hazardous, or toxic. Any waste that is usually incinerated and poses a threat to the general public and environment should not be included in the offensive waste bag

    The offensive waste bag can be changed every 7 to 14 days, depending on the waste generated and the needs of the facility. Due to the nature of the waste, it cannot under any circumstances go without change after 14.

    To tie an offensive waste bag, collect the overhand knot, twist it, and make a loop with the twisted end, then loop the end through to form a tight knot.

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