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    These bins help in collecting waste, which results in unwanted odour and infection, thus promoting hygiene conditions in female washrooms. They also play a vital role in checking harmful bacteria, fungi, and bad odour, thus encouraging smooth usage of the washrooms. Not only does the presence of female sanitary bins help in checking the overflow of the waste, but it also makes it easier to collect the waste so that it can be treated appropriately.

    There are many things that the establishment needs to consider when going for female hygiene bins. Factors such as budget, age of female users, the average number of washrooms at the facility, and the number of users using the washroom ultimately help you determine the number of bins you wish to go for. Based on some usage of washrooms one can also get an idea of the kind of waste a washroom generates.

    Once you connect with us with any question or query we will be more than happy to get you a free site visit and consult with you. Once the site visit is done, we would analyse and give you a full report on the analysis along with a quote. We would not only provide you with the bins but can also arrange collection services to make sure bins don’t overflow and perfect hygiene conditions are maintained.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Bins are placed in female washrooms to collect sanitary waste, thus ensuring a clean and pleasant washroom environment.

    Yes, all female toilets would need a sanitary bin, as it is required as per UK laws and regulations.

    To ensure the correct female sanitary bin, it is highly recommended that the bin can be used without any physical touch, with the help of a lighter lid and manual foot lever. So that when throwing away the waste, all you have to do is tap the level to open the lid.

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