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    Gypsum waste is some kind of plastic dental study mould that, when combined with other waste, can create hydrogen sulphide gas owing to microbial action. Hydrogen sulphide is released in the atmosphere by water hardens, damages, and deteriorated metals. These gases can be extremely hazardous, and offensive to public health and safety making proper disposal techniques essential for it. Dental gypsum waste can be safely stored and disposed of using a gypsum waste container provided by your waste management company such as TCW.

    Dental gypsum waste can be safely stored and disposed of in their well-designed, highly convenient gypsum waste container. They come in a 16L capacity and can hold up to 10kg of weight. It includes a double lock mechanism to keep your waste secure. It is composed of high-quality materials to ensure longevity and usability.  Once the waste-producing clinic has safely stored it, it is collected by your trusted waste management partner, such as TCW, for further disposal.

    TCW provides comprehensive dental waste management services right from supplying bags and bins to collection, transportation, disposal, and everything else. We have different bins depending on the nature of the waste. We provide timely collection as per the need of your facility; weekly, biweekly, and monthly. With TCW, you get:

    • Audit your waste streams 
    • Sustainable and cost-effective
    • Collection, transportation and treatment
    • Most sustainable treatment routes


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Gypsum waste should be segregated for recovery and recycled as much as possible. If not, it is disposed of in a landfill; nevertheless, they must be placed in a separate cell where no biodegradable waste is accepted.

    Gypsum waste that has not been contaminated is not harmful. Though gypsum dust might irritate the respiratory system, inhaling it often over time raises the risk of developing lung ailments.

    No. It is not advisable to dispose of other types of dental waste in a gypsum waste container. Each bin has unique requirements, and only designated waste should be disposed of in it. It can also lead to unknown reactions from combining all of the waste. 

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