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    A denaturing kit is a tool that helps with denaturing medicines that have hit their expiration date. Medicines can include powders, ampoules, tablets, etc. Note that the kit can only be used once; it cannot be reused. The denaturing kit provided by TCW is transparent, industry-accepted, and leak-proof. The kit has a wide neck to ensure all expired medicines can be placed in it.

    Denaturing kits can be found at most pharmacies or medical clinics. TCW too offers a range of denaturing kits of different sizes depending on the waste a particular healthcare facility generates. There are two types of denaturing kits: one is blue-lidded, and the other is purple-lidded. Blue-lidded kits are for non-hazardous medicines, while yellow-lidded bins are for hazardous medicines.

    The capacity of the denaturing kits entirely depends on how much waste is generated healthcare facilities. Once an audit of the waste is done, we can help you with the kit, whose capacity is as low as 250 g or as high as 4 l.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    As soon as the medicines are placed in the denaturing kit, make sure to add warm water to the kit and shake it well for 30 minutes. Once done, leave the kit for 24 hours so that the kit has enough time to denature.

    A controlled drug destruction kit is used in the same way as normal ones; the only difference is that the water should be filled to the correct level. Once the water is filled, it should be sealed and shaken to ensure that the denaturing takes place.

    A controlled drug denaturing kit is a product that removes the effectiveness of the expired drug so that it cannot be reused and becomes irretrievable before disposal itself.

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