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    A cytotoxic waste bin is a container that is meant to collect waste that has cancer-related negative properties that can alter cell growth and are generally found in cancer-related medicines. TCW provides a bin whose capacity is 22 litres, with a fill capacity of 14.5 litres. The box is created with dimensions of 446 mm by 398 mm by 210 mm, thus ensuring a spacious opening for your ease.

    TCW understands it is highly dangerous for you to come into physical contact with the waste bin; hence, we have created the bin in a way that no touching is required. The locking feature ensures no access to the bin by any unauthorised personnel, thus avoiding any potential danger.  Cytotoxic waste is collected in purple-lidded bins. The colour is deliberated and made distinct to ensure awareness among the general public.

    The waste is ideally collected, segregated, transported and then moved towards disposal. Be it a cytotoxic waste bin or a cytotoxic sharps bin, the waste is disposed of only through incineration. These wastes are something that can prove to be very harmful to living beings and the environment if left in the open; thus, it is important to completely incinerate them to remove any small possibility of infection from toxic waste.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Any material, product, PPE, or equipment that is contaminated by cytotoxic waste can be considered toxic and should go in the cytotoxic waste bin.

    Cytotoxic waste must be properly segregated and disposed of in a cytotoxic waste bin provided by your waste management partner, with extreme caution while disposing of it and passing it over to professionals.

    Yes. We do provide purple lidded cytotoxic sharps bin with 14.5-litre capacity. It is damage-resistant, has a hands-free operation, and is lightweight.

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