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    A clinical waste bag is something where medical waste is stored so that it can be picked up by the local council or partnered waste management companies for further treatment. There are four types of waste bags, namely, yellow, orange, purple, red, and black-coloured bags. The plastic used for clinical bags is strong and leakproof. TCW provides these bags with quality in line with prescribed UK standards.

    As soon as any clinical bag is filled, it needs to be placed at a location mutually agreed upon with the local council or waste management contractor. The location should be is aloof from the society yet safe enough to be picked up. Alternatively, a time or a frequency can be decided at which point the bag is placed so that it can be picked up and the necessary work can be done following the regulations.

    A clinical waste bag can be tied by strongly twisting the upper section of the bag and then turning it over the bag’s twisted neck. Once that is done, a plastic seal needs to be turned over the twisted part, thereby firmly sealing the upper portion of the bag. In the event that a plastic seal isn’t available, a knot would be fine. Tying this bag is important as spilling the waste can prove to be hazardous.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Since clinical waste includes hazardous, infectious, and cytotoxic waste, it is usually disposed of using the incineration method. The non-hazardous wastes are disposed of using autoclaving, landfill methods, or sea dumping,

    The yellow clinical waste bag is for any infectious solid waste. The orange bag is for soft, semi-solid, or liquid infectious waste. Tiger striped bags are for non-infectious waste. There are also purple waste bags for cytotoxic waste and red waste bags for anatomic waste.

    The clinical waste pedal bin is bright yellow for visibility and has a plastic liner internally that allows it to be opened without placing hands close to potential hazards or the risk of injuries from needles and syringes.

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