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    Biohazard bins are containers that collect toxic and infectious biological waste. These wastes can potentially be harmful to life as well as the environment. The biohazard waste is collected in a red-coloured bin and also has a sign of biohazard on it so that the general public can easily notice it and can avoid it. Biohazard waste bins are usually seen at hospitals and any place that deals in surgery or toxic chemicals.

    TCW understands the importance of safe waste storage and disposal, thus we provide a leak-proof locking mechanism that prevents spillage. Once the Biohazard bins are closed tightly, it completely prevents spillage.  The biohazard bin that we provide can accommodate both solid and liquid waste.

    The Biohazard waste bin is lightweight and can be carried around and has a biohazard mark on it so that the general public can spot it right away and be aware of it. The bins are deliberately created with a wide opening to ensure the filling of all the contents, and to ensure no physical contact with the bin. It is very important to wash the bin thoroughly before any reuse.

    Biohazard bins are made of high-density and robust plastic that allows them to handle all types of waste whilst preventing fumes, liquids, and needles from penetrating and ensuring safe disposal.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Any items that include blood and blood products, contaminated PPE suits, blood-borne syringes, or any material that can potentially spread or infect the general public with pathogens or diseases would go in the biohazard bag.

    Once the biohazard bags are collected by an expert, they are disposed of using the incineration method as per UK laws and regulations so that there is no threat to the general public or the environment.

    Unless the business generates less than approx 20 pounds of biohazardous waste each month, biohazardous waste cannot be held for more than seven days. In this situation, waste can be kept for up to 30 days.

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