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    Depending on whether the anatomical waste is hazardous or non-hazardous, it is stored in different types of anatomical waste bags, bins and containers. For instance, infectious or hazardous anatomical waste is stored in red-coloured bags and yellow bins with red lids. Non-hazardous anatomical waste, on the other hand, is stored in yellow bags and bins with yellow lids. Such bifurcation helps in effective segregation and ensures you stay in compliance with all government regulations.

    To ensure zero leakage, we offer anatomical waste bins made from sturdy materials. These bins are light in weight and offer easy manoeuvrability. Each of our anatomical waste bins is reusable and comes with an efficient locking mechanism to prevent unauthorised access. You can open and close them with your foot, ensuring hands-free operation. Essentially, these bins help you with the effective segregation of anatomical waste and minimise the risk associated with handling such infectious waste.

    Whether you are a hospital, veterinary practice, dental practice, laboratory or blood donation centre, you will need to manage and store the anatomical waste you produce efficiently. It is essential to ensure both the safety of your staff, patients and environment and remain compliant with local regulations. Besides, anatomical waste being generally hazardous, it is best handled by experienced professionals. So hiring a trusted waste management company like TCW becomes your best bet in the efficient collection & disposal of anatomical waste.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Anatomical waste is disposed of in a red clinical waste bag. Prior to collection and disposal, surgical waste is often stored in red clinical waste bags.

    An anatomical waste bin is used to store body parts, organs, blood, animal carcasses, tissue biopsy and pathology specimens.

    An anatomical waste bin is a red container meant to store human body parts and other hazardous and non-hazardous waste for safe disposal without endangering human health or the environment.

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