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    Dental clinic produces many types of amalgam waste. They are amalgam sludge, chair-side traps, empty amalgam capsules, vacuum pump filters, non-infectious teeth with amalgam restorations, contact and non-contact amalgam waste. This waste needs proper separation and disposal. The BSI-approved amalgam separator provided by TCW keeps hazardous components away from your clinic’s wastewater system. With up to 99.9% elimination of amalgam waste from your wastewater stream, our amalgam separator is safely designed and free of moving parts for the secure extraction of amalgam waste.

    When dealing with the disposal of any such metal waste material, such as amalgam, due precautions must be taken because these materials have the potential to harm anyone who comes in contact with them. Furthermore, effective waste disposal can reduce the likelihood of environmental and ecological impact. Metal toxicity in amalgam waste can be hazardous to humans. TCW has the expertise to manage your dental waste disposal in a safe, timely and compliant manner to avoid any risk of exposure to amalgam waste.

    Amalgam Chair Waste Container has multiple features that will assist dental clinics in managing their waste in a safe and secure manner whilst being compliant. It is a formal legal complaint against the mercury vapour suppressant. A zip-wire closing container guarantees that the suppressant is fresh and active. These disposal containers are also water and airtight, making amalgam waste disposal safe. Dental waste and containers are both completely recyclable. It eliminates almost 95% of the vapours. It is also adequately labelled to caution people about the risks that the stored waste poses.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Amalgam Chair Waste Container is a well-designed waste disposal container for the safe and secure disposal of contact and non-contact amalgam waste, loose amalgam sludge, as well as amalgam separators from other manufacturers.

    The EPA recommends that your amalgam chair waste container be examined monthly to verify that it is replaced as directed by the waste producer and that you have a backup waste container.

    Amalgam waste releases a vapour that is capable of being breathed and absorbed by the lungs, which contains modest quantities of mercury. High amounts of mercury vapour exposure, have been linked to negative consequences in the brain and kidneys.

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