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Browse the range of UN-approved, high-quality clinical waste bins and bags for the safe disposal of all waste streams.

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Whether you need clinical waste bags for the removal of infectious waste or bins for the removal of anatomical waste, we have got you covered. Our products which are available in a range of sizes can be modified to suit the particular requirements of your facility. Have a look at the selection of high-quality clinical waste bins and bags for the disposal of all types of waste highlighted below.

Amalgam Waste Chair Container allows the secure removal of amalgam silver mercury fillings. 
Dental gypsum waste container for legally compliant disposal of dental study moulds.
Using the UN-approved colour-coding system, our Purple Lidded Cytotoxic Sharps Bin suggested the disposal of sharps containing cytotoxic or cytostatic waste.
Orange clinical waste bags separate their contents from traditional clinical waste bags, which are often burnt.
Get rid of expired yet chemically active controlled drugs by diluting them with our old drugs Denaturing Kit.
Maintain utmost hygiene in your ladies’ restrooms with the help of our specially made Feminine Hygiene Bins.
Sustain hygienic ambience in your facility all the time by using our Ladies Sanitary Bins.
Small restrooms often lack proper sanitary waste disposal space. Our Mini Sanitary Bin, will equip your compact toilets with dedicated sanitary waste storage space.
Maintain a clean and hygienic facility all the time by installing Trikon’s Sanitary Pad Bin that stores sanitary pads in a discreet and compliant manner.
Don’t let used sanitary towels ruin the ambience of your restroom by installing an effective Sanitary Towel Bin brought to you by Trikon.
Disposing sanitary waste has never been this easy as Trikon presents Sanitary Disposal Bin that is intuitive and user-friendly.
We provide thoughtfully designed sanitary waste bins to improve the overall hygiene of ladies’ washrooms.
We offer robust Anatomical Waste Bags that helps you segregate body part wastes at a reduced cost.
Anatomical waste requires separate storage & incineration by the law. We’ve designed an anatomical waste bin that stores anatomical waste in a compliant manner.
Our specially-designed Biological Waste Bin provides the best results when it comes to the safe storage of biological waste.
Biohazards can make you sick real quick. We provide a capable Biohazard Bin that simplifies complex biohazard storage situations without a hitch.
We supply leakproof hazardous waste bags that prevent deadly cross-contamination from your facility’s hazardous waste.
Mercury spills are harmful to both our health and the environment. With our Mercury Spillage Kit, you can stop accidental spills.
Our efficient Cytotoxic Sharps Bins are meticulously designed to be a safe, hygienic and compliant solution to your cytotoxic sharps storage needs.
With pharmaceutical waste bins from TCW, you can be confident that any discarded pharmaceuticals will be disposed of appropriately and securely.
For non-hazardous, non-infectious items like incontinence waste, and (PPE) that have not been contaminated by patient contact.
For the safe storage and disposal of sharps such as needles, razors, scalpels, microscopic slides, some plastics etc.
Up to 100 litres in capacity yellow clinical waste bins for pharmaceuticals, sharps, liquids, swabs, and bandages.
Massive selection of yellow waste bags exclusively for GP offices, nursing homes, hospitals, dental practices, NHS trusts, commercial organisations etc.
Our dependable, local professionals in the UK will provide you with guidance as part of our offensive waste bins service offering.
Disposing contaminated outer dressings, masks, gowns, gloves, sanitary waste, etc. Can be offensive to anybody who comes into touch with it.
Clinical waste bins, both hazardous and non-hazardous, in various sizes and colours to accommodate the requirements of your facility.
Disposal of infectious, general, radioactive, and hazardous waste in orange and yellow stamped postcode bags with complete traceability.