A new year symbolises new beginnings and resolutions. As much as you create resolutions for the different aspects of your life, it is crucial to also have some to improve waste management and compliance in your healthcare facility.

Regardless of the kind of waste you deal with, you need to adhere to the UK regulations of waste management to reduce posing a threat to the environment.

It is high time you assess your medical facility to ensure that they are well-disposed. The resolutions can be cost-effective to ensure that all hospital users are safe.

Resolution 1: Training and Disbursement of Information

Proper training should be done on the staff members to make it easier for them to distinguish the different kinds of healthcare waste. These include clinical, cytotoxic, sharps,  and other types of waste.

All the medical staff need to be enlightened on how best to dispose of the healthcare waste to prevent leaving them attended and for enhanced sustainability. These include needles, amputated parts, tubes, gloves, and other sanitary waste.

There are different staff in healthcare facilities such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other staff who should be properly enlightened. Additionally, the patients also need to be guided in case they need to dispose of any waste at home. Ideally, The training should be done with qualified professionals.

Resolution 2: Segregation and Minimisation of Wastes

If it is possible, there is a need for minimisation of the waste produced by the facility. Therefore, equipment, tools, and certain materials should only be used when necessary. Some can even be recycled if they don’t pose any threat to others.

The waste should be properly segregated to make it easier for the waste management company to deal with it. When wastes are mixed up, they can be treated in the wrong way and pose more threats. Remember the greater the risk associated with the waste, the higher the cost.

Resolution 3: Adopt Sustainable Waste Containers

There are different types of waste containers, and you ought to be careful when choosing them for your facility. However, to be on the safe side, it is crucial to search for recyclable or reusable waste containers.

Whenever the waste management company takes the containers, they will disinfect them and return them to your facility. Not only do the recyclable waste containers save money but also comply with UK regulations.

Therefore, opt for clinical waste containers from reputable companies. This will help achieve the second resolution for proper segregation of the wastes.

Resolution 4: Be Prepared

If in previous years, you were never prepared for unforeseen events, next year ought to be different. Regardless of the size of the healthcare facility, it is crucial to always be prepared for any emergency occurrence.

For example, the COVID-19 infections came as a surprise. This then rendered the need for the extra effort to contain the sick and prevent further infection. Therefore, the facility needs to have the right tools and equipment to deal with any issues.

Also, all staff needs to be trained on any emergency occurrence that can occur. Especially those dealing with emergency operations. The facility should also adhere to and have proper waste management tools to prevent further contamination.

Resolution 5: Self Audit

Auditing is crucial for any healthcare facility. Another crucial resolution is to perform routine audits to ensure that every department in the facility follows the right guidelines to ensure waste minimisation and proper segregation.

The waste audits will help discern the medical facility waste streams and check whether they comply with UK regulations. If previously your facility didn’t indulge in it, it is high time to start proper planning.

The self-audit helps in the categorisation of the different medical waste and how best to handle them.

Resolution 6: Research Recycling Opportunities

If the healthcare facility was not dwelling on recycling opportunities, it is crucial to start. This is to ensure that materials are only used for the right purpose and not overused.

Recycling opportunities are found by identifying subcategories for easy waste segregation. Therefore, with proper categorisation, it will reduce the wastes that don’t require any kind of special handling.

Resolution 7: Distribute Information Documents

Every department needs to have safety data sheets to ensure proper waste management in the facility. This is to ensure that all staff are well-informed to prevent any kind of excuse for misinformation. All staff who deal with hazardous materials need to have the right information on segregation and disposal to prevent further destruction to the environment.

Also, information should be disbursed in the case of mishandling of the wastes to prevent any further damage or accidents. Proper promotion of a safety culture will ensure that everyone is safe.


These resolutions can help boost your facility differently. However, do your part to ensure that the facility thrives well. Regardless of the size of the medical facility, complying with all regulations will go a long way.

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