Sharps Waste Disposal

Healthcare facilities and other facilities that deal with sharp materials that get in contact with blood or body fluids need to be properly disposed of after use.  Patients, family members, healthcare professionals, and caregivers need to know how to dispose of used sharps at various places.

It is everyone’s mandate to ensure the safety of the public and everyone in the same space as them. Sharp wastes should never be disposed of in normal waste bins because the risk of them falling off or piercing someone else are high. That’s why they need to be properly disposed of in the right colour-coded bins.

Sharps Waste Disposal Recommendations

Disposing of sharps is a major issue for many. These are some recommendations:

1. Disposal Immediately After Use

Once the sharps materials have been used, they should be disposed of in the right bins. This will reduce the risk of anyone coming across the sharps and getting pierced or poked.

The contaminated sharps can impact the individual negatively. The sharp waste bins should then be placed in a strategic place away from children or pets. Needles need to be handled well at all times.

2. Don’t Overfill

Once you go and find that the sharps bin is almost full, be sure to consult the sharps waste collection company. Even if the collection date hasn’t been reached, you can still consult them to prevent any risks from overflowing sharps waste.

The containers shouldn’t be overfilled past ¾ of the container.

3. Carry a Small Travel Size Disposal Container

If you are a caregiver who always goes to the patient’s home to give prescribed injections, it is wiser to carry a small travel-size disposal container. This is to ensure that you take care of the used sharps waste and do not leave them at the patient’s home.

This can be dangerous in case someone gets in touch with the sharps. Additionally, if you have an injection prescription, always carry a small travel-size disposal container where you will dispose of the sharps waste.

4. Do Not Reuse Sharps Disposal Containers

It is crucial not to reuse sharps disposal containers. The licensed sharps waste disposal company that you collaborate with should handle the waste and provide a replacement when they collect the waste.

These companies offer the best sharps removal service by taking the required measures to disinfect the sharps waste bins.

5. Dispose of the Sharps Waste in Designated Areas

It is crucial to dispose of the sharps waste in the designated areas. Based on the agreement, you can dispose of the sharps at the hospital, pharmacy, medical waste facilities, or other designated areas based on the agreement with the other party.

Also, if there is a household hazardous waste collection site, you can dispose of the sharps there.

How is Sharps Waste Managed?

Sharps waste can also be handled through sterilisation and shredding. This is the process of using steam sterilisation to disinfect the sharps and shredding to reduce the sharps waste to a minimal size.

Therefore, it won’t cause any further damage. All the sharps waste should be disposed of well and if incinerated, the fumes produced need to be managed well.

What can be Done to Boost Proper Sharps Waste Disposal?

Sensitisation of the risks associated with sharps waste can help people to be more careful about how they handle the waste. This applies to medical students, medical professionals, tattoo artists, patients, caregivers, patients, and much more.

The contaminated sharps waste can cause the spread of certain infectious diseases in an instant. Also, some posters need to be put near the sharps waste containers for proper guidelines.

At times, we may assume that people know the use of the bins, but that’s not always the case. Therefore, the different facilities need to take it as their mandate to ensure the safety of everyone in the environment.


Sharps waste disposal is critical in all facilities that deal with the materials. However, a lack of knowledge of proper management leads to some of these dangerous materials ending up in landfills. Your facility shouldn’t be part of that!

Partner with TCW to provide the best guidance on sharps waste disposal and offer a timely collection of the waste to keep everyone safe.

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