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Reusable containers can be used multiple times before they get completely worn out. When the reusable containers are full, the waste gets disposed of, while the containers are decontaminated to clean the container from any germs or bacteria.

Therefore, this reduces emissions that are released to the environment. The reusable containers can be used in healthcare facilities, primary care environments, and research areas.

The containers help maintain the safety of the users and the environment as a whole. However, do you know the lifecycle of reusable containers? We will provide an overview of the lifecycle of the reusable containers.

What Makes the Reusable Containers Unique?

The fact that reusable containers are sustainable and can be used a couple of times, makes them stand out from the rest. The reusable containers optimise recycling practices, leading to resource recovery.

Additionally, the use of reusable containers reduces the number of plastics burnt leading to CO2 emissions. Therefore, it leads to a reduction in environmental pollution, plastic waste, and energy consumption.

The disposable containers are used only once and thrown whereas the reusable containers can be used a couple of times after hygienic decontamination with a licensed company like TCW.

Therefore, a facility can save up on costs that would have been used on the purchase of replacement containers for timely waste disposal. The unique nature and strong build of reusable containers makes them popular with many facilities.

How are Reusable Containers More Sustainable Than Disposable Ones

For starters, disposable containers are destroyed with their content, therefore there are a lot of fumes and emissions produced to the environment. Therefore, there is increased Carbon dioxide in the lifecycle.

On the other hand, the reusable ones are just cleaned therefore reducing the harm made. However, the cleaning process also requires the use of some energy and resources. However, it is not comparable to the disposable ones that are destroyed completely.

The reusable containers are constructed for safety even those used for sharps waste. Since the reusable ones are used multiple times, they are made to be strong enough to withstand any issues.

In summary, the reusable containers will reduce waste in landfills, reduce carbon dioxide production, be cost-effective, and improve safety.

The Lifecycle of Reusable Medical Containers

Reusable containers are used a couple of times before being thrown.

1. First, you need to get a quality reusable container from a specialised licensed company like Trikon Clinical Waste.

2. Once full of waste, it is taken from the facility to be emptied & decontaminated.

3. The reusable containers are hygienically cleaned to remove any bacteria or germs that can lead to any kind of infection. In the cleaning process, typical decontamination is done using chemical cleaning agents, water pressure, and varying temperatures to remove all residue.

4. The reusable containers are returned prior to your next collection. The cycle continues.

How to Choose a Reusable Container

When looking for a reusable container ensure it is well-tested and proven to have worked in any hospital setting such as ERs, ORs, and patient rooms.

To get quality reusable containers that will last longer,

  • Choose to buy reusable containers from a reputable service provider with experience in reusable sharps containers.
  • Also, check the kind of support that they offer.
  • How responsible are they?
  • Can they work unsupervised?
  • Their track record with reusable containers provision.

Why Choose TCW to Acquire the Reusable Containers

TCW deals with the containers based on the individual facility requirement whether it is a hospital, clinic, dental clinic, veterinary, pharmacy, and much more.

1. Assessment

First, we assess your facility to see the number of reusable containers you will need in your facility. We also check strategic places to put them for the safety of all the facility users.

We also advise you on how to use them appropriately to dispose of the right waste. This is to ensure proper segregation for safety adherence.

2. Identification of Mounting Areas

We then identify an efficient and logistic solution for the placement of the containers. Therefore, you are assured that they won’t disrupt any normal operations. We also often plan on the best way to move the containers from the rooms for easy collection & transportation.

Through our assessment, we will check a strategic position to place the reusable containers to prevent causing any disruptions when collecting and replacing them with disinfected ones.

3. Identification of Placement Areas

We place the containers strategically based on where they are used. Also, we check the kind of waste produced from the room to ensure we provide the right colour-coded bins.

4. Management of the Containers

Once we collect the containers, we take them to our sites to take care of the waste and disinfect the containers so that they can be reused. 


TCW adheres to all UK safety regulations regarding the management of reusable containers and healthcare wastes. Therefore, you are assured that we will do perfect work without any compromise.

Additionally, we always value our customers, Therefore, you are assured that at no one time will we disappoint you with the reusable container cleaning process.

Consult us today to get access to our remarkable reusable containers. You won’t regret using them! We look forward to hearing from you!

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