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Ladies’ sanitary bins are specialised for the disposal of menstrual hygiene waste. It is mandatory for facilities that are regularly visited by ladies to have feminine hygiene bins to maintain dignity.

Even in schools, the washrooms need to be installed with female hygiene bins for the sake of the students. When growing up females need to appreciate the natural occurrence and if they lack such in crucial facilities like schools, they can even shy off.

As an institution or company owner, would you want that? I guess not! Therefore, install the right ladies’ sanitary bins for proper disposal of tampons, sanitary towels, pantiliners, and other female wastes.

Ladies’ sanitary bins allow women to dispose of waste conveniently, safely, and hygienically. In this article, we will discuss the importance of sanitary bins, how to dispose of the waste, and what to do if the facility lacks feminine hygiene bins.

Are Ladies Sanitary Bins Important?

Yes, the ladies sanitary bins are really important for various reasons:

1. To Adhere to Regulations

According to UK regulations, it is compulsory for all facilities that often have female workers or visitors to have sanitary bins.

This is to prevent any kind of weirdness when they use the washrooms and lack the right sanitary bins. Therefore, regardless of your business size, try and adhere to that. Ladies need to have access to safe and hygienic sanitary bins.

2. To Reduce the Flushing Down of the Waste

The feminine hygiene bins are crucial to reduce instances of flushing down the waste in the toilets. A lady would prefer to flush down the waste in the toilet, rather than carry it around. Therefore, who will you blame?

Sanitary bins need to be provided in different facilities to prevent such an occurrence.  Most toilet drains are only designated for the drainage of toilet paper and normal waste but not sanitary products. Therefore, it will reduce incurring plumbing costs.

3. To Keep the Washrooms Fresh

The washrooms need to remain fresh to prevent any production of unnecessary odour. They can also be installed in changing rooms and other areas to ensure ladies feel safe while in the facility.

4. Ethical

It is ethical to have feminine hygiene bins in designated areas. It can even make your female staff not miss work on their days, due to the fear of lack of such sanitary bins in their workplace. They should also be disposed of off regularly to ensure no bacterial formation.

How to Dispose of Waste in the Feminine Sanitary Bins

The ladies sanitary towels come with a wrapping that makes it easier to wrap the pad after use. Therefore, ladies need to wrap it up to prevent any kind of leakage.

Additionally, you can wrap it further with toilet paper before throwing it in the ladies’ sanitary bins to prevent any odour production. The sanitary bins can be operated using the auto sensor or foot pedal to open the bins.

Tampons can also be disposed of in the same way as sanitary pads. However, they don’t come with a convenient wrapping like sanitary towels, but you can wrap them using toilet paper before throwing them in the female hygiene bins. It is a discrete method of disposal.

The sanitary waste bins should then be disposed of regularly by a licensed company like TCW.  The washrooms should also be cleaned daily using the appropriate sanitiser to kill all germs and bacteria.

What to Do if the Facility Lacks the Female Hygiene Bins?

Rarely will there be a lack of sanitary bins in most facilities. However, if it isn’t available, you can notify the cleaning management for the right measures to be taken.

Yes, it can be uncomfortable, but that will be better than flushing down the toilet which may lead to blockage. You can even get an alternative to use.

However, to prevent these awkward situations, it is important to have the correct hygiene disposal units. This will help ensure a clean sanitation area.

Burning sanitary waste is an idea that shouldn’t come to mind. Burning should only be done by designated companies that deal with sanitary waste disposal.

It can easily release toxins into the air that can lead to ill health. However, sanitary waste disposal companies manage the waste through incineration and handle the emission appropriately.


Ladies sanitary bins should be provided in all washrooms and residential areas. The availability of sanitary towel bins provides convenience to users. They come in a variety of sizes, colour, use, and shape. Therefore, you can’t miss one for your facility.

TCW offers durable ladies’ sanitary bins that can last for years with proper maintenance. Are you thinking of replacing or buying new sanitary bins? Consult us today!

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