Sharps bins are used for the disposal of sharps waste like used needles, syringes, broken glass, and other contaminated sharps.

Sharps bins are not limited to just being used in the hospital. If you have a diabetic family member or one with a chronic disease who needs to take injections each day at home, it is recommended to have the sharps bin at home.

However, since they can’t be collected by normal waste collection companies, facilities and individuals need to consult the right licensed sharps bin collection companies like TCW.

In this article, we will discuss how to acquire sharp bins, how to get the sharps’ bin collection service, what not to do with sharps waste, and what to do during sharps bin collection.

How to Contract a Licensed Company for your Timely Sharps Bin Collection

If you are a medical facility or facility dealing with sharps materials, you need to consult a licensed sharps bin collection company.

1. Browse

First, browse through the sharps bin collection companies in your area. Learn more about the service and even invite them to your facility once their terms favour you.

2. Agreement

Agree on when they should come for sharps bin collection based on the waste you collect per day. It can be daily, weekly, biweekly, or even monthly. However, ensure the wastes are collected early enough to prevent overfilling.

3. Collection

Based on your agreement, the company will come to collect the waste on time. They will take the sharps bins and replace them with others so that they can go disinfect them and manage the contaminated sharps materials. As easy as that.

What Not to Do With Sharps Waste

  • In case you stumble upon contaminated sharps material lying around, report it to the right. authorities. Such a syringe or needle can cause a lot of threats to society.
  • Never put needles or other sharps in the household bin since they will end up in a landfill and pose more danger.
  • Never put sharps materials in a container such as a drink can or bottle.
  • Never play around with sharp materials as they can lead to the spread of certain viruses and diseases.

What to Do During the Sharps Bin Collection Day?

During the collection day, ensure the sharps box is securely locked/sealed to ensure no sharps waste can get out of the bin. Those patients who use medical sharps at home should place them in sealed sharps boxes got from pharmacies or medical centres for easy disposal.

You can then take to the agreed upon healthcare facility or deal directly with a sharps bin collection company.  Also, facilities need to be well-prepared before the designated company comes to collect the waste to prevent any kind of unnecessary delays.


Sharp bin collection should be done on the designated day to prevent the waste from overfilling. After waste collection, they are then disinfected and shredded to prevent causing any further harm to the environment.

Our sharps bin collection service is done timely based on our agreement. Would you want daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly waste collection? Make your choice!

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