Any medical facility generating clinical waste must have a comprehensive waste management program that complies with the medical waste storage and disposal regulations. Without proper treatment of medical waste, medical facilities can become a breeding ground of pathogens. Is your nursing home meeting the state’s waste management guidelines and offering a safe & hygienic environment for patients? Here’s how you can ensure that.

Creating an Ethical Nursing Home Waste Management Strategy

With advanced technologies and multiple waste management agencies offering specialised services at affordable rates, managing nursing home waste ethically is not at all challenging. All you need is an accomplishable waste management plan according to government norms and regulations. Here are three pro tips to get a clear idea of how to prepare a nursing home waste management plan.

1. Research on Recycling Options

As the owner of a nursing home, it’s your duty to guide your employees to recycle and reuse waste items whenever possible. Find out from local recycling centres what materials are safe to reuse and set up several recycling bins in convenient locations throughout the nursing home premises. For scrap metal, plastic containers, fryer oil and other recycling essentials, seek the help of a reliable and experienced Waste Management Company.

2. Minimise Waste Production

Educate and encourage your tenants to minimise the production of waste. For example, promote the usage of reusable cutlery and dishes for having meals instead of disposable plates. Reuse boxes, bubble wrap, envelopes and other packaging materials and discourage staff from unnecessarily printing out memos, emails and documents. Purchasing goods in bulk is also a smart way of utilising minimal packaging.

3. Abide by Clinical Waste Disposal Regulations

While many waste items can be recycled and reused, every nation has strict rules concerning clinical waste disposal. For instance, sharps like used needles, syringes and lancets should never be reused. Plastic bags are ideal for disposing of used bandages, cotton swabs and tissues, while sharps should be collected in durable containers to avoid breakage. Using the right bag for storing waste before pickup is extremely important to help the waste management team identify waste materials.


Every nursing home should embrace sustainable ways to manage clinical waste for the sake of patients, staff, the public and the environment. Since nursing home staff lacks the knowledge and expertise to handle clinical waste, Trikon Clinical Waste Solutions is there to help you get to run a clean and green nursing home. Contact us to learn about our customised services and for a free site survey.

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