Tattooing is an excellent way of portraying your personality and who you are. You can reflect on your inner artist and your wishes through this fantastic form of art. As fabulous an art form and a profession it is, tattooing is equally an influential source of clinical waste generation. Therefore, if you own a tattoo parlour, you have to be well aware of all the effective ways to manage tattoo parlour waste.

The needles, inks, ink bottles, cloths, and many other components become waste products during day-to-day operations in tattoo parlours. And when this waste is eradicated or thrown away, it leads to land and water pollution causing harm to the environment in the process. We would never want to contribute to it, would we? So, here are the three most effective tips for efficient waste management for your tattoo parlour.

3 Tips for Effective Tattoo Parlour Waste Management

1. Segregate and sort the waste appropriately

Your tattoo parlour has different types of waste. It includes needles, clothes, ink, bottles and other clinical waste. Segregate them into degradable, non-degradable, and other essential groups. This helps in the efficient treatment of the wastes at the later stages.

2. Avoid filling up bins to their edges

You should always leave a space at the top of your waste storage bins or bags. Filling up till the top creates high chances of spilling and tearing waste bags that might cause unwanted hassles. To avoid this situation, your waste bins need to be emptied on a recurring basis. 

3. Deploy a licensed waste management contractor to collect the waste

The garbage at your tattoo parlour must be collected on a bi-weekly basis, if not daily. Ensure that a licensed waste management contractor carries out this job to guarantee the safest disposal of the waste. Trikon Clinical Waste Solutions is a trusted name in the healthcare waste processing space. Connect with us now to know more about our waste disposal services.


So, these are the basic things you should keep in your head while showcasing your creativity through tattoos. In the UK, there are strict norms regarding clinical waste disposal. To ensure your waste is disposed of in compliance with rules and regulations, you should hire a licensed waste management firm. And with Trikon, you can have a sigh of relief as we take out all your tattoo parlour waste for processing in a compliant manner.

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