Sharp containers are composed of hard plastic and are used to dispose of any sharp objects that might pierce human skin, such as needles or syringes. Their safe disposal is critical for preventing needlestick injuries for both patients and healthcare professionals. Learn more about the safe disposal of sharp containers.

Types of Sharp Containers

Among the hundreds of different variations, the 10 most common types of sharp containers are listed below.

1. Hinge Cap

Hinge caps are simple lids that the user opens and closes with each use to properly dispose of the sharp. The hinge cap comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. The Hinge cap containers are appropriate for medical settings where the use of sharps is minimal. When the container is completely empty, it may be disposed.

2. Horizontal Entry

In a horizontal entry container, a sharp to be disposed of is placed horizontally inside. Such an orientation maximises the utility of the container by allowing a wider entrance to accommodate larger sharps.

3. Mailbox Lid

A mailbox lid facilitates a hinged lid to seal the horizontal opening when the container is not being used. Basically, it is a successor of horizontal entry and provides an additional extra safety feature to it.

4. Always-Open Lid

This is yet another modification to the horizontal entry system with an always-open lid. The lid is inclined to prevent individuals from coming into contact with sharps and acts as an additional barrier without needing the user to open the lid. It provides quick and easy access while compromising a bit of safety.

5. Side Entry

Side entry lids permit the sharps to enter just from the slot present on one side. This effectively restricts access to the containers inside and also limits the size and type of sharp inserted inside for disposal.

6. Foot-Operated Lids

Foot-operated lids are another alternative for easy accessibility and discard. These lids are placed on bigger sharps containers for higher sharps disposal requirements.

There are Different Design Features in which Sharps Containers vary

1. Colour and Opacity

Sharps containers are available in various colours, such as white, red, green, and others. Sharps containers with varying opacity walls are also available such as transparent walls allow users to see how filled the container is and know when it needs to be changed.

2. Stackability

Sharps containers can either be stackable or not. Stackable bins are often advertised as nestable bins which are easier to be stored together in large numbers.

3. Shape

Sharps containers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to fit within specific space requirements. The bigger containers are often rectangular, whereas smaller types are usually round in shape.

4. Wall Enclosure

Sharps bins are integrated into the wall in certain places. In high-traffic areas, these mounted enclosures safeguard sharps containers, keep counter spaces free, and limit access to contents.


Sharps containers are essential for their safe disposal. To accommodate different types of sharps, the containers come in a wide range of features varying in shape, size, colour, and utility.

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