Medical waste is an umbrella term that encompasses all types of waste generated at laboratories, health care facilities and medical research centres. With tonnes of waste produced by hospitals every year, knowing the exact methods of disposing each type of clinical waste is crucial. The reason is simple: clinical waste, if untreated, poses serious threats to our planet and all forms of life.

So, in this blog, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the collection, storage and disposal of clinical waste. Stay tuned till the end to also learn why you need to partner with a trusted and accomplished clinical waste management company.

3 Simple Steps to Follow while Dealing With Clinical Waste

Whatever the type of medical waste, we must always be mindful of its management and disposal. Following these basic steps will help you avoid environmental pollution caused by waste generated in your hospital. 

1. Collection and Segregation of Clinical Waste

As it applies to all waste, effective management should begin at the point of waste production. It is essential to separate medical waste into different categories before disposing of it. This can be done simply by using non-identical containers. Ideal containers should be colour-coded so that your healthcare staff can easily identify them.

  • Red Bins: Red is the colour for anatomical waste. Any body parts, no matter how small it is, must be kept in red bins. 
  • Yellow Bins: Yellow stands for class-A pathogens that are highly infectious. All wastes containing bodily fluids from dangerous virus infected patients must be kept in yellow bins.
  • Blue Bins: Medicinal waste generated from non-hazardous medicines should be placed in blue containers. Denatured drugs, that are not cytotoxic in nature, are usually stored in blue bins.
  • Orange Bins: General wastes produced by patients suffering from infectious diseases are kept in orange-coded bins.
  • Yellow & Black Bins: Yellow bins with black stripes (aka Tiger bins) are used to store all sorts of offensive waste. These wastes are non-hazardous and non-infectious. 
  • Purple Bins: Purple is the colour of cytotoxic and cytostatic waste. Any waste contaminated by chemotherapy drugs is termed as cytotoxic waste.


2. Storage and Transfer of Clinical Waste

After collecting clinical waste, it is important to store the waste in a secure place only accessible by waste handling staff. Proper storage is a must till the time the medical waste disposal company collects the waste.

As far as transportation is concerned, it’s the duty of licensed waste contractors. Transfer of waste to recycling facilities can be a tricky task if not all precautions are applied. Thus it should be left for a team of waste experts to take care of. 

3. Clinical Waste Disposal and Treatment

Clinical waste disposal is the most vital part of the waste management ecosystem. It is not just about dumping the waste in a landfill but treating it properly to eliminate toxicity. While some must be incinerated, other wastes can be recycled. Below are the most common treatment methods used by leading waste management companies like Trikon.

  • Autoclaving: Autoclaving means sterilisation of waste through steam and is the perfect way to deal with microbiological wastes.
  • Microwaving: In microwaving, waste is first shredded, then mixed with water and finally heated to neutralise all biological elements.
  • Chemical Disinfection: Chlorine is the most used chemical in the chemical disinfection process, which is reserved for liquid and chemical waste.
  • Incineration: Used typically for treating pharmaceutical and pathological waste, incineration involves burning the waste to get rid of pathogens.

Why Opt for Medical Waste Management Services?

Medical waste, if not disposed of properly, can have devastating effects on the environment and humans. Each type of waste requires a specific technique of disposal. This explains why the best way to get rid of clinical waste is by looking for a waste disposal company. A professional medical waste disposal agency like Trikon possesses the knowledge and resources needed to deal with clinical waste. So, you must collaborate with a licensed company that has extensive experience in handling and disposing medical waste.

While choosing a clinical waste disposal company, look for one that:

  • Uses testing and sampling methods to identify waste
  • Offers quick pickups and schedules waste collection based on the volume of waste you generate
  • Provides all details and paperwork pertaining to your waste
  • Transports the waste to authorised medical waste facilities

How can Trikon Clinical Waste Solutions Help You?

Trikon Clinical Waste Solutions is a reputed waste management company in London providing services in hospital waste collection, management, treatment and disposal in a sustainable manner. We offer specialised services to dentists, general physicians, hospitals, clinical laboratory technologists and several others. 

Here’s why hospitals, nursing homes and clinics rely on TCWS:

  • Trikon offers a free site survey and quotes a reasonable price for healthcare waste management and disposal.
  • Trikon segregates, transports and disposes clinical waste as per the specific needs of customers, thus suggesting customised solutions.
  • From installation of bins to instructing your workers on identification and proper collection of waste – Trikon’s maintenance and management personnel will assist you at each step.
  • Trikon’s expert team doesn’t disturb your staff or interfere with patient care.
  • Trikon guarantees timely collection of waste from your hospital.

Perks of partnering with TCWS

  • Vow of Safety: We promise quality in all our services and products to ensure the safety of healthcare staff and patients.
  • 30-days Free Waste Pickup: We believe in our service excellence. That’s why we offer a 1-month free waste pickup for anyone and everyone in the UK. 
  • Legal Compliance: We are a legally compliant practice, abiding by the latest procedures and practices prescribed by the govt.
  • Expert Consultation: Our experienced technicians provide a compliant, efficient, reliable, and sustainable clinical waste disposal plan.
  • 24-hour Customer Support: TCWS offers 24×7 customer support to all clients, responding to their queries and addressing their concerns.


We may conclude by saying that as a generator of medical waste, you are accountable for managing every aspect of the waste you produce. Trikon is there to help you adopt ethical ways to bid adieu to clinical wastes. Get in touch with us for an initial consultation and a free site survey.

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