Medical Waste Audits

Audits are done by independent auditors who come to the facility to examine, scrutinise, evaluate, and analyse medical waste. The medical waste auditors check whether your facility complies with the regulations set aside.

It can be sad if your facility faced some non-compliance allegations of poor management of the waste. You ought to have adequate storage of the waste to ensure that the bins don’t fill up too quickly and start overfilling. That will stir up a bad report from the auditors. Would you want that?

Waste audits need to be done often to ensure you adhere to the regulations and rules. The audits play a huge part in ensuring improved clinical waste segregation, compliance, and disposal. Therefore, no penalty or fines are brought forth to the facility.

What is Involved in Medical Waste Audit?

Medical waste audits are essential in any clinical facility regardless of the size. The audits are done on hospitals, pharmacies, veterinary clinics, dental clinics, cancer centres, and walk-in centres.

Timely audits should be done on all facilities that deal with medical waste that can cause harm to the public or the users of the facilities.

The medical waste audit is often done to check how the facility separates and segregates waste such as general waste, biohazard waste, infectious waste, and radioactive medical waste.

Additionally, the auditor also checks how much of the waste is recyclable. What is disposed of, and what is discarded in the landfills? The main idea is to check how well the medical waste is disposed of.

Through medical waste audits, it becomes easier to minimise the volume of waste reaching landfills, and reduce sharps injury and the offensive fumes emissions got from burning medical waste by unauthorised personnel. The waste needs to be disposed of by the recommended waste management companies.

How Do the Medical Waste Audits Help?

Medical waste audits are important to ensure proper segregation, packaging, storage, containment, transportation, and disposal of waste. Incorrect classification is what leads to some hazardous waste ending up in landfills.

At TCW we help with auditing and oversight processes to ensure that you dispose of medical wastes appropriately. When performing the audits, TCW focuses on how often people touch the waste to reduce contamination instances.

Therefore, if your facility has never had a medical waste audit, we can help adhere to the law.

What is Addressed in the Clinical Waste Audits?

Specific issues are addressed when carrying out the medical waste audit.  During the audit, it is checked whether the sharps are properly disposed of and whether the sharps disposal regulations are adhered to.

Additionally, during auditing, the sharps container placement is also checked to reduce their risk of needlestick injuries. Also, the containers are checked to see whether they are adequate to accommodate the different types of waste.

Moreover, are they properly labelled, and are there proper guidelines that help in the proper disposal of the waste?


Are you ready for a medical waste audit in your facility? Do you feel the need to have your facility checked to keep everyone in the facility safe? TCW is here to make that a reality to ensure that your facility is always on guard to reduce the chance of any contamination.

Therefore, consult us today to help you with the auditing so that you can know the next strategies to carry out for a safe medical facility. Consult us today!

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