Minimising Healthcare-Associated Risk

We are achieving breakthroughs in cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and safety in the UK. 

About TCW

Setting The Waste Standards Solutions

Trikon Clinical Waste Solutions has partner locations all throughout the United Kingdom, and as a result, we are familiar with the specifics of both local and national requirements. Our operational and compliance teams collaborate extensively with each healthcare institution to advise and reduce risk. These collaborations take the form of training, site mapping, and reporting.

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Mission & Values

Making Healthcare More Secure

To us, safety means safeguarding individuals and communities while also reducing healthcare-related risks. Our products and services have been proved to significantly decrease needlestick injury rates, minimise infection transmission via waste handling, and drastically enhance the safety profile of all health care centers with innovative clinical waste solutions. 

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Our Mission

Reductions in carbon emissions throughout the healthcare sector, together with the attainment of the highest possible levels of sustainability.

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Our Goals

Providing cutting-edge processes for the processing and cleaning of clinical waste to reach the highest levels of microbiological effectiveness.

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