Care homes are an essential part of our society. If you’re a proud owner of a care home in the UK, we salute you for your contribution to the betterment of elderlies. We know it’s not easy to manage various types of waste each day in a compliant manner. Thus, we would like to help you out in your endeavour by offering 5 essential waste disposal tips that every care home should take notice of. 

5 Tips for Efficient Care Home Waste Disposal

When it comes to providing hygienic living conditions to the elderly, you should leave no stone unturned. After all, our senior-most citizens are more prone to diseases than us. So, care homes must take utmost care in handling and disposing of waste. Here are 5 tips and tricks to help you out.

1. Segregate as per Norms

The journey towards ethical waste disposal starts with segregation. All types of waste need to be segregated at the point of generation. There are colour-coded bins for the segregation of different medical waste. For example, sharps waste consisting of syringes and cut glasses should ideally be stored in a purple-lidded cytotoxic sharps bin

2. Handle With Care

Healthcare waste often contains germs and pathogens not safe for our health. These microbial creatures can make your residents as well as your staff ill, real quick. So the responsibility lies with the handler to prevent any sort of cross-contamination. 

Gloves, aprons, and masks are must-wear apparel while handling any waste that’s not categorised as general waste. Also, the handler should have proper training in handling all kinds of waste. Any spills left unattended while moving waste from one place to another can be a cause of health hazards. 

3. Store it Seal it, But Don’t Forget it

Next comes the storage of waste until it’s picked by a licenced waste management firm. Storing care home waste is a tricky task, especially when there’s a high possibility of leakage. For that purpose, you need the right set of bins that are leak-proof and toughened. 

There are separate colour-coded bins for separate purposes. From red to orange, from purple to blue, every colour signifies a different purpose for every bin. Colour-coded bins help segregate waste at the point of generation. 

4. Transfer is a Big Deal

Care home waste, especially hazardous ones, require special attention during the transfer to recycling facilities. The containers must be properly sealed before loading them into specially-designed trucks. 

The process of waste transfer is a job for experts. When you hire a waste management company in the UK to handle all sorts of waste, they perform the transfer and recycling process. All you need to do is segregate the waste into different bins and store it away for pick-up once or twice a week. 

5. However, Disposal is the Main Deal

Waste disposal is not a task to be carried out by anyone. There are multiple laws and regulations stating environment-friendly waste disposal processes for healthcare waste. Thus disposing of waste while abiding by the laws is an absolute necessity in the UK. 

Licenced waste contractors are your best bet in securing environment-friendly waste disposal for waste generated in your care home. You’ll find a handful of options for waste disposal services in London. However, there are hardly a few that can match Trikon’s way of dealing with clinical waste. 

How Trikon can Up the Hygiene Game in Your Care Home

Trikon Clinical Waste Solutions is a trusted name in the UK’s waste management sector. From tattoo parlour waste to care home waste, Trikon is ever-ready to tackle any waste of any volume. With Trikon, you can have peace of mind as we take full responsibility for your waste. 

Trikon has partnered with countless small businesses across the British island. We specialise in complying with both local and national laws of waste management. Here’s how we handle waste management tasks.

  1. We begin any assignment with a free site survey
  2. Once we conduct the survey, we’ll give you a free quote stating the services needed at your facility
  3. Then, as you go ahead with us, we will provide you with quality products to segregate and store waste
  4. We’ll visit your place a couple of times a week to pick up the waste
  5. We then take your waste to our waste recycling plants, where we destroy or recycle the waste through a number of methods

In addition to this, we’ll provide primary training for your employees to store the waste in a non-spillable way. We’ll leave no efforts behind to improve the hygiene of your facility so that you can focus more on elderly care and less on maintaining a clean and hygienic environment inside your facility.

Why Partner with Trikon

Trikon offers one-of-a-kind waste management solutions that can be customised to meet all care home waste disposal needs. Following are some reasons that contribute to our class-leading customer retention rate. 

  • At TCW, we value all of our clients no matter how big or small their requirements are
  • TCW provides customised waste management solutions catering for all kinds of needs
  • Our area sales managers and other executives always stay in touch with existing customers
  • We maintain 100% transparency in our billing. We disclose all the billing components before beginning our services
  • Our services cause little to no disruption in your facility’s regular operations

So if you are serving the community by taking care of our senior citizens, let Trikon take care of your waste. 


Running a care home in the UK is itself a big task to accomplish. Don’t make it more complicated by following outdated waste disposal methods that harm our mother Earth. Take a thoughtful decision today and hire a leading waste management service like Trikon to help you out with compliant waste management. 


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